• Camel Yellow

    Camel Yellow

    Classic flavor. Regular king size. Tar content: 8 mg, Nicotine content: 0.6 mg Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs. (With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

    Rs. 430.00 - Rs. 4,150.00
  • Marlboro Micro Slim

    Marlboro Micro Slim

    Rs. 430.00 - Rs. 4,100.00 Sold Out
  • Camel Silver

    Camel Silver

    Made in EU (King Size Box )Tar 4mg, Nicotine 0.3mg Pack of 20 King Size Cigarettes

    Rs. 430.00 - Rs. 4,150.00
  • Philip Morris White 1mg Superslim

    Philip Morris White 1mg Superslim

    Philip Morris White cigarette box with the best quality in Empire Star, excellent products of Iranian and foreign cigarettes with the best price and the best quality only at SMOKEHOUSE. Philip Morris White Type: Superslim Model: Cigarettes Taste: original Brand: Philip Morris Contents : 20Cig Tar: 1 mg Nicotine: 0.1 mg

    Rs. 300.00 - Rs. 2,950.00
  • Parliament Aqua Blue

    Parliament Aqua Blue

    Rs. 500.00 - Rs. 4,800.00
  • Mond Blueberry Superslim

    Mond Blueberry Superslim

    Mond Blueberries Superslim Cigarettes Pack of 20 Cigarettes .

    Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 2,400.00
  • Dunhill White 1MG

    Dunhill White 1MG

    Rs. 600.00 - Rs. 5,800.00
  • Dunhill International Gold

    Dunhill International Gold

    Dunhill cigarettes are a luxury brand of cigarettes made by the British American Tobacco company. Protected for freshness with resealable Reloc. Exclusively Dunhill. Perfectionist in tobacco. 20 Fine Cut cigarettes. 9 Mg of Tar and 0.8 Mg of Nicotine

    Rs. 560.00 - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Mond Variance Blueberry Menthol

    Mond Variance Blueberry Menthol

    Rs. 350.00 - Rs. 3,400.00
  • B&H Blue Gold Benson & Hedges

    B&H Blue Gold Benson & Hedges

    B&H Blue Gold Benson & Hedges Cigarette . B&H Blue Gold Benson & Hedges Cigarette 20 Cigarettes in one pack. Benson & Hedges Cigarette. Benson & Hedges is a British brand of cigarettes owned by either Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, or Japan Tobacco, depending on the region

    Rs. 420.00 - Rs. 4,000.00
  • 555 State Express Gold

    555 State Express Gold

    State Express 555 is a brand of cigarettes, flagship BAT-British American Tobacco. This brand is very popular in Taiwan, Bangladesh and Vietnam. There are only the package golden State Express 555 Filter King. Its the Shahrukhs Favourite CIgarettes* Tar 12mgNicotine 1.2mg Brand Name State Express 555 Gold Type Filtered Color White Pack Size 20 Cigarettes

    Rs. 410.00 - Rs. 3,999.00
  • Davidoff White Slim 1MG

    Davidoff White Slim 1MG

    Tar: 1 mg Nicotine: 0.1 mg Carbon Monoxide: 1 mg

    Rs. 540.00 - Rs. 5,200.00
  • Mond Lemon Mint

    Mond Lemon Mint

    Mond Lemon Mint Slim cigarettes. Pack of 20 Superslim cigarettes.

    Rs. 280.00 - Rs. 2,700.00
  • Mond Cherry Superslim

    Mond Cherry Superslim

    Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 2,400.00
  • Mond Paan

    Mond Paan

    Rs. 280.00 - Rs. 2,700.00
  • Marlboro Light USA

    Marlboro Light USA

    Rs. 600.00 - Rs. 5,950.00 Sold Out
  • Marlboro Black Menthol

    Marlboro Black Menthol

    Marlboro Black Menthol – Selected premium tobaccos. Firm filter – Cooling taste. American blend in a box. New Cool sensation of new Menthol from Marlboro Cigarettes. No need to say anymore, everyone loves this smooth taste of American Country. 20 menthol cigarettes. 8 mg tar and 0.6 mg nicotine

    Rs. 440.00
  • Mond Orange Mint

    Mond Orange Mint

    Rs. 240.00 - Rs. 2,500.00
  • Davidoff Lights - King Size

    Davidoff Lights - King Size

    Davidoff Lights – Unique moments of smooth taste and aroma. A gift for your senses. Founded in Geneva 1926. Made in Germany under license of Davidoff, Geneva. 7 Mg Tar and 0.6 Mg Nicotine

    Rs. 450.00 - Rs. 4,350.00
  • Rothmans Blue King Size

    Rothmans Blue King Size

    Rs. 450.00 - Rs. 4,300.00