• Marlboro Gold Russian

    Marlboro Gold Russian

    Marlboro Gold RussianMarlboro can easily claim the price of the most smoked cigarette in the company.The popularity is unparalleled with a refined and smooth. The Gold Russian is astronger variant from the Marlboro range.

    Rs. 399.00 - Rs. 3,800.00
  • American Spirit 30Gms

    American Spirit 30Gms

    American Spirit 30gms PackOne of America’s most popular hand rolling tobaccos. It is an original blend and completely additive-free. Order this elegance wrapped in blue now and taste the best. 

    Rs. 850.00 - Rs. 8,500.00
  • Rajnigandha Tin 100Gm

    Rajnigandha Tin 100Gm

    Rajnigandha Tin 100gmThe rich flavour of Rajnigandha Pan masala comes from a lush mix of Betel nut, cardamom seeds, lime and added flavours. Secret ingredients added to the mix have made it the largest selling Pan masala in the world. There is no tobacco added to the premium blend.

    Rs. 499.00 - Rs. 4,699.00
  • Juul Mint 5% Pod

    Juul Mint 5% Pod

    JUUL Mint has a crisp peppermint flavor with a soothing aftertaste. Pack of 4 JUUL Vape Pods Flavor: Refreshing Mint Pod Capacity: 0.7mL/pod Strength: 5% nicotine by volume Usage: 200 puffs/pod (approx)

    Rs. 2,600.00 - Rs. 26,000.00
  • Island Squeeze - I Love Salts - Mad Hatter Juice - 30ml

    Island Squeeze - I Love Salts - Mad Hatter Juice - 30ml

    I Love Salts Island Squeeze vape juice by Mad Hatter allows you to escape, even if it’s just for a moment, to your own tropical vape paradise. Island Squeeze vape juice will transport you to an island filled with outrageously juicy kiwis, dazzlingly sweet strawberries and exotic guavas, all joining forces to soothe you with intense fruity splendor. Bottle Size: 30ml

    Rs. 2,500.00 Sold Out
  • Fumari Ambrosia 100gm

    Fumari Ambrosia 100gm

    Ambrosia Fumari Shisha Tobacco perfectly captures the sweet essence of a good Ambrosia salad. The flavor of this hookah tobacco is centered around the sweet and sticky taste of marshmallows, with layers of succulent creamy orange and juicy melon thrown into the mix. This shisha is one of our best sellers, and rightly so. 100% Genuine Fumari Product. Quality made in the USA Each pack contains 100gm of Fumari Ambrosia hand-packed flavor. Each pack serve up to 9-10 bowls of Shisha (Depends on bowl size) We are exclusive authorized Fumari seller in India

    Rs. 1,400.00 Sold Out