• Phillies Cognac Blunt Cigar

    Phillies Cognac Blunt Cigar

    The Phillies Cognac Blunt, one of the most recognized cigar brands for decades, features characteristics that will appeal to smokers everywhere. You will be captivated by their long-lasting, earthy flavor and pleasing, distinct aroma – something that makes the brand easy to pick out in a crowd. They’re loaded with a rich, even blend of tobaccos that produces a hearty taste.

    Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 1,100.00
  • Phillies Sweet - 8 Little Cigars Pack

    Phillies Sweet - 8 Little Cigars Pack

    Enjoy a sweeter version of one of the world’s most popular machine made smokes with the Phillies Cigarillos Sweet cigars. Using the same great imported cigar leaf found on all of the other Phillies blends, these tasty little 4.25 x 28-ring nuggets are drizzled with essence of soft vanilla for a highly aromatic smoke that tastes great any time of the day. 

    Rs. 450.00
  • Cafe Creme Original Cigarillo - Filter tip

    Cafe Creme Original Cigarillo - Filter tip

    The Cafe Creme Original 10's Cigarillos are manufactured in the Netherlands and were first introduced in 1963. Their interior consists of a mixture of dry natural tobacco originating in Colombia, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic. The Sumatra wrapper, in brown color, adds a sweetness to the taste. The cigar is held together with one homogenized bonding leaf. The mild taste of the smoke is smooth and creamy. Ring: 19 Length: 7,50 cm Size: Puritos Taste: Mild Strength: Medium

    Rs. 800.00
  • King Edward Imperial Cigar

    King Edward Imperial Cigar

    King Edward is a well-known machine made cigar that’s been around forever. The 100% natural fillers make one enjoyable little cigar which is also the perfect size to fit in your pocket. Smooth, mild and affordable, perfect for a quick, day time smoke. The Imperials are slightly smaller than the Invincible but still have great flavor. Length: 4 3/4" Ring Gauge: 42 Flavour: Mild

    Rs. 200.00 - Rs. 800.00
  • King Edward Imperial Chocolate Cigars

    King Edward Imperial Chocolate Cigars

    - Name SP: Cigar King Edward Imperial - Quantity: 1 box / 5 Cigar - Length: 110 mm - Diameter - Ø: 10.5 mm - Shapes: Corona - Taste: Chocolate. - Brand: King Edward - Origin: USA

    Rs. 300.00 - Rs. 1,350.00
  • Phillies Blunt Strawberry Cigar

    Phillies Blunt Strawberry Cigar

    A more modern and playful take on an old classic, the blunt Strawberry is a delicious smoke bursting with flavor and a sweet aroma. The distinct earthy flavors of the brand come through in this stick, which are complemented by candy-like notes of strawberry – it will surely entice and delight your taste buds. This brand remains one of the most recognized and popular smokes out there

    Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 1,100.00
  • Madrigal Picador Corona Cigar

    Madrigal Picador Corona Cigar

    Length: 5"Ring Gauge: 50Strength: Medium  The family of Jorge Ortiz Alvarez, President of Puros Santa Clara, S.A. de C.V., has been involved in the Cigar making business since before the Mexican Revolution. Jorge Ortiz Alvarez began his production of cigars in 1967, in search for their own identity, they tried several blends until they found the perfect one.  The Matador blend by Santa Clara is only made with a Premium long filler tobaccos from San Andres and Nicaragua, that have been aged for 3 long years. The Picador series by Santa Clara are handmade by tabaquero masters who guarantee a ...

    Rs. 650.00
  • Luvin Strawberry Slim Cigars

    Luvin Strawberry Slim Cigars

    Rs. 70.00 - Rs. 300.00
  • King Edward Specials Cigarillos - Pack of 5

    King Edward Specials Cigarillos - Pack of 5

    Length: 4 3/4" Ring Gauge: 28Flavour: Mild Packaging: Pack of 5 Cigars  An irresistible blend of premium tobaccos and enticing aroma to create a perfectly royal cigar. Soon after assuming the throne, King Edward VII struck down Queen Victoria's ban on smoking at court with the now-immortal words, “Gentlemen, you may smoke.” Named in his honour, King Edward VII cigars have earned a place in cigar history, at one point becoming the bestselling cigar worldwide. King Edward VII cigars, a right royal indulgence since 1926. Settle for nothing less.

    Rs. 580.00
  • Dark Horse Red Filtered Cigars

    Dark Horse Red Filtered Cigars

    Dark Horse Full Flavor Filtered Cigars are known for their robust and distinct flavor and their rich aroma. These machine made cigars are made from high-quality tobacco that is wrapped firmly in thin tobacco leaves. These cigars offer a smooth and pleasant experience with a slow burn. They are a perfect solution to your strained nerves at the end of a long, tiring day. Their strong smoke and piquant taste create magic in your mouth and nose. 3 7/8 x 20 10 Cigars Natural USA The cigars measure 3 ⅞ inches in length with a ring gauge of 20. They are produced in the USA and belong...

    Rs. 499.00
  • Horacio Jacques Chancel Cigar

    Horacio Jacques Chancel Cigar

    This 5 1/8 × 55 vitola was created in homage to Jacques Chancel, the great cigar lover and man of culture. Raw, this beautiful double-ring maduro cigar offers aromas of leather and tannin. The excellent draw offers a rapid and intense début. Ample and generous plumes of smoke gently caress the palate. Notes of nuts and precious woods are dominant in the taste. Then, the cadence accelerates in the middle third, as a unique character emerges, and light spices and precious wood come to the fore. This rich, delicate vitola can be enjoyed whatever the occasion, thus offering a marvellous tribute...

    Rs. 1,750.00
  • Aromas de San Andres Cigar

    Aromas de San Andres Cigar

    Cigar Profile Length – 7”Ring Gauge – 52 This cigar is characterized by a rich body. It is light aromatic-taste and elegant. Nice draw. 100 % handmade

    Rs. 1,200.00
  • Phillies Cigarillos Cognac

    Phillies Cigarillos Cognac

    Product type: Cigarillo Packing status: 5 Cigarillos in 1 Pack Popular flavored cigarillos in the United States.

    Rs. 650.00
  • Phillies Blunt Chocolate Cigar

    Phillies Blunt Chocolate Cigar

    It is a mild blend of Honduran and Dominican tobacco which is cased in a sheet and wrapper Strength Flavored Brand Phillies Blunt Chocolate Size 4 7/8 x 42 Wrapper Homogenized Binder Homogenized Filler Caribbean Origin United States Shape Petit Corona

    Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 1,100.00
  • Santa Clara 1830 Tube Churchill (single stick)

    Santa Clara 1830 Tube Churchill (single stick)

    Cigar Profile Length – 7”Ring Gauge – 52 Individually packed in aluminium tubes to secure the quality. An elegant wrapper with subtle pepper and spice tones and flavour. A nice slow burn for a smoker in no hurry. Earthy with a good draw and burn a great value Churchill.

    Rs. 1,400.00
  • Phillies Blunt Vanilla Cigar

    Phillies Blunt Vanilla Cigar

    This is a Phillies Blunt Cigar with Vanilla Flavour. Made in USA Taste is sweet and The length of cigar is 125mm.

    Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 1,100.00