Gizeh Filter Tips 20 Bags Of 100 Filter Tips Each Bag 6/23 mm Extra Long Slim Filter Tips

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  • Raw Organic Hemp King Size

    Raw Organic Hemp King Size

    RAW Organic Hemp King Size Organic Hemp rolling paper is crafted from a special pure water method that leads to a super thin, light tan paper. The material used is unrefined, organic hemp no artificial additives such as dyes or chalk. Hemp paper burns extra slow and is quite clean. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 220.00
  • GIZEH FINE - 1 1/4TH Regular

    GIZEH FINE - 1 1/4TH Regular

    50 PAPERS Weight: 18.5 g/m² Size: 35.8 x 68 mm Medium Burning   Buy GIZEH Super Fine Rolling Papers. Official GIZEH Super Fine Products.Super Easy to roll.50 papers are packed in a booklet. Original & Authentic.

    Rs. 99.00
  • Smoking classic regular filter

    Smoking classic regular filter

    Smoking Classic Cigarette Filters in regular size have a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 15 mm, similar to classic cigarettes.Each bag is reclosable and contains 100 filters.With these Smoking filters rolling your own cigarette becomes very easy.1 bag contains 100 filters.

    Rs. 190.00
  • Smoking Black King Size

    Smoking Black King Size

    An ultrathin  highly transparent paper.  With 13 gr/m2, slow-burning Smoking® watermarked Slim paper of 108 x 44 mm size and 33 leaves per booklet.  100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives, ensuring an optimum adherense in one go.FSC® Certified , ensuring our commitment to environmental sustainability. Leaf length and width 108 x 44 mm Paper weight 13 g/m2 No. of leaves per booklet 33 No. of booklets per display 50 No. of displays per box 50

    Rs. 150.00
  • Smoking 200's Red Premium Cigarette Paper

    Smoking 200's Red Premium Cigarette Paper

    The Smoking 200 Reds are something a little special from the leading cigarette paper manufacturer. A slide out box with 200 flat packed, watermarked leaves. Don’t be fooled by the price of these papers, they are very fine rice paper. Despite holding 200 papers the flat pack is not bulky in the pocket and the box doesn’t crush easily . Length: 70mm Width: 37mm Weight: 18 gsm Per Pack: 200 Leaves

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  • Ocb Roach Pad

    Ocb Roach Pad

    OCB Roach Pad ( OCB Filter tip) OCB is one of the most popular brands in India. The brand is known for its dependability when it comes to superior quality products. You can rest assured that not even a sliver of tobacco will slip through the filter. That can be a very unpleasant situation. It fits will all sizes of rolling papers giving you a smooth smoking experience. Units: 50 tips

    Rs. 40.00
  • Mascotte Slim Organic King Size

    Mascotte Slim Organic King Size

    We are green! Mascotte Slim Size Organic are 100% organic hemp papers, extra thin, slow burning papers in a FSC certified packaging. The intensity of the brown color differs per production because it’s a 100% natural product. light weight - 14 g/m2

    Rs. 160.00
  • GIZEH FINE Regular - Cut Corners

    GIZEH FINE Regular - Cut Corners

    The Gizeh Fine is an extra fine rolling paper and with a strip of natural Arabic gum, with this you have the components to create a great smoke. The fine paper ensures the focus remains on the tobacco. The cut corners make rolling super easy and with a slow burn rate you don't waste any of your smoke. It may even go out when it is not being smoked. 50 papers are packed into each booklet.

    Rs. 90.00
  • SMK Blue King Size Sheet

    SMK Blue King Size Sheet

    SMK Blue King Size Sheet The SMK Blue sheets are available in the King Size. These Spanish made products are TCF (Totally Chlorine free). This authentic rolling paper is ultra-lightweight for slow burning rollups. It is manufactured by experts who use impeccable techniques for the best quality. The papers tear- resistant and composed of all-natural materials. Units: 33 leaves

    Rs. 120.00
  • Raw Classic Roll 5metre

    Raw Classic Roll 5metre

    RAW Classic Roll Unbleached 5 meter The RAW Freedom series! Now choose the size of your rolling paper. The Single Wide Unbleached paper is 16 feet long. The rapper 2chainz is dedicated to it and calls it the “RAW California rolls”

    Rs. 250.00
  • Juicy Jay's King Size - Watermelon

    Juicy Jay's King Size - Watermelon

    Juicy Jays Watermelon Flavoured Skins King Size Flavored papers, without actually flavoring the herbs, lend a mellowing effect to those strong tasting herbs and make them more enjoyable to smoke. Each pack of these sweet, aromatic papers are hand packed and add pleasure to the smoking experience. Flavored paper, not just the glue 32 papers per pack Get 1 pack with this purchase

    Rs. 190.00
  • Raw Black King Size

    Raw Black King Size

    RAW Black King Size This Black rolling paper by the RAW company is extra-fine. It is made from natural tree gum sap with unbleached fibres of high-grade smoking material. This artisanal paper is produced in Spain where humidity is incredibly low. Experience the natural way to roll. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 250.00
  • OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet box

    OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet box

    OCB King Size Paper 50 sheet boxPure flax paper is used in making these ultra-thin rolling papers. It uses Arabic Natural Gum with no additional chemicals. The slow burning slim paper is supremely lightweight. Watermarks on each sheet ensure that the quality is top-notch. 50 Bags of full case-32 pieces per bag = 1600 leaves

    Rs. 1,300.00
  • Gizeh Charcoal Filter Tips 8mm

    Gizeh Charcoal Filter Tips 8mm

    Diameter: 8 mmFilter Length: 15 mmAdhesive StripActive Charcoal GIZEH ACTIVE CHARCOAL FILTERS are rolling filters with a diameter of8 mm. The filters have an adhesive strip to make rolling easier. The natural active charcoal in this triple chamber filter system ensures a balanced flavour. The package contains 100 filters and has a practical seal.

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  • Elements Ultra Thin Rice Paper King Size

    Elements Ultra Thin Rice Paper King Size

    The original Elements papers produce almost ZERO ash except for a small, thin white line because they used ungummed, thin rice papers. Pure rice papers have no chemicals, no standard pulp and no hemp. Elements designed a paper from pure rice and then pressed it to make it ultra slow burning and incredibly thin.  The newer style Elements are watermarked with their proprietary Criss-Cross imprint that prevents runs and maintains the smoothest burn around.  Get 1 Booklet with this purchase

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    Goes perfect with your own rollies  This pack has 20% extra tips This product is highly recommended buy tobacco buyers. Biodegradable Filters. Pack contains 120 Filters

    Rs. 190.00