• Golden Virginia Green Classic

    Golden Virginia Green Classic 50Gms

    Golden Virginia green classic hand rolling tobacco:50gCalled the number one rolling tobacco in England coming directly from the factories of one of the oldest tobacco companies. It is classic but smooth and strong in just the right proportion. *Papers are not included as shown in the Picture.

    Rs. 850.00 - Rs. 8,500.00
  • Amber leaf

    Amber leaf

    Amber leaf rolling tobacco:50 g pouch Amber leaf is a rolling tobacco brand by Gallaher Group popular in young adults because of its smooth taste. It uses the Virginian blend of tobacco which gives it a lavish smoke and perfect texture making it ideal for smokers with a rich taste. It is a very popular brand in Ireland, UK, US and now in India too.

    Rs. 950.00 Sold Out
  • American Spirit 30Gms

    American Spirit 30Gms

    American Spirit 30gms:30 gOne of America’s most popular hand rolling tobaccos. It is an original blend and completely additive-free. Order this elegance wrapped in blue now and taste the best. 

    Rs. 950.00
  • Drum Bright Blue 50Gms

    Drum Bright Blue 50Gms

    Drum bright blue 50 gms50gHalfzware rolling tobacco for the ones who like a rich taste but less strength. Produced by one of the oldest tobacco companies – Imperial Tobacco. It is known to have a fine cut and perfect blend of Burley, Oriental and Virginia. Also known as Shag Tobacco.     

    Rs. 1,200.00
  • Dutch Land Virginia 40Gm

    Dutch Land Virginia 40Gm

    Dutch Land High quality Pure Virginia Tobacco. •Premium cut tobacco for smoother taste •Pack of 40grams •Made in EU

    Rs. 700.00
  • Drum Original 50Gms

    Drum Original 50Gms

    Drum original 50gThe original rich flavour produced by one of the oldest tobacco companies. The original flavour is always for the people who like to keep it raw and real. 

    Rs. 950.00
  • Nirdosh Original Herbal Mixture

    Nirdosh Original Herbal Mixture

    Nirdosh original herbal mixture organic tobacco:-   The taste of Nirdosh is rich, full and highly aromatic and its blend of herbs can give a real even to the most obstinate smokers. Product clear of nicotine and tobacco. Nicotine, distinctive component of tobacco, is the cause of the addiction to smoking and of the difficulty to quit: if there is not nicotine then the addiction element lacks, however Nirdosh satisfies many, if not all, the psychological elements of the cigarette.

    Rs. 499.00 Sold Out
  • Raw Classic 25Gm

    Raw Classic 25Gm

    Raw classic hand rolling tobacco-25gmHold your breath to taste USA and Brazil all at once with this naturally sweetened R & W Virginian blend from the factories of Mac Baren Tobacco Company.

    Rs. 850.00
  • Mac Baren Rum Coffee Choice

    Mac Baren Rum Coffee Choice

    Mac Baren Rum Coffee choice: 20g‘Explore the world of mac baren’ with its rum coffee choice premium rolling tobacco. It is a fine blend of tobacco from 3 countries with an exquisite flavour of rum and coffee at the same time.

    Rs. 799.00
  • Gold Mark Green Virginia Blend

    Gold Mark Green Virginia Blend

    Gold mark green virginia blend40gAnother flavour from Gold Mark Brand in the popular Virginia Blend. It is a naturally sweetened flavour at best prices.

    Rs. 700.00
  • Mac Baren Dark Chocolate

    Mac Baren Dark Chocolate

    Mac baren dark chocolate___gMade from premium tobacco leaves in a flavour to die for. Choose dark chocolate to feel to real smoke and freshness.

    Rs. 799.00
  • Gold Mark Yellow

    Gold Mark Yellow

    Gold mark yellow40gGold Mark, a popular brand in India. It has an elegant blend of Virginian Tobacco leaves. It is economical and will give you a rich smoke experience.

    Rs. 700.00
  • Mac Baren Virginia Blend

    Mac Baren Virginia Blend

    Mac Baren Virginia Blend:40 g Naturally sweet, classic taste, smooth flavour, silk cut in an all pure Virginia Blend. What else does a smoker need to taste the world on its breath?

    Rs. 799.00
  • American Spirit Organic Blend 25Gms

    American Spirit Organic Blend 25Gms

    American spirit organic blend25gHigh quality, premium taste, exquisite smoke and sweet on the tongue. These are the adjectives used for American Spirit Organic Blend, buy it now to experience all of this in the first person.

    Rs. 999.00
  • Mac Baren Pure (Dried)

    Mac Baren Pure (Dried)

    Mac baren pure dried30gFine rolling tobacco from about a 200-year-old Denmark based company. Mac Baren pure dried tobacco is a classic, best suited for smokers who prefer to roll their own tobacco. It is 100% pure and additive-free for those who value premium cigarettes.

    Rs. 900.00
  • Mac Baren Grape Choice (20Gms)

    Mac Baren Grape Choice (20Gms)

    Mac baren grape choice20gDo you love grapes? Then this is the best choice for you. Mac Baren Tobacco Company manufactures this naturally sweet flavour with a cloud of rich smoke.  

    Rs. 800.00
  • Peublo Blue 25gm

    Peublo Blue 25gm

    Rs. 950.00
  • Saints Infused Rolling Tobacco 25G

    Saints Infused Rolling Tobacco 25G

    Since our first day in business, SAINTS TOBACCO has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of some finest infused tobaccos. Saints hand-rolled tobacco is a unique tobacco fusion enriched with high-quality terpenes identical to Canada’s terpenes yet extracted from natural sources. They enhance the flavor of the blend while avoiding the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids. This rich mixture provides a unique smoking experience. Enjoy this tobacco in 10 unique flavo...

    Rs. 900.00
  • Raw Blond 25Gm

    Raw Blond 25Gm

    Raw blond tobacco It’s a tobacco from the Mac Baren Tobacco Company. As the name suggests try it for a RAW feel while rolling your own tobacco with this naturally sweet and additive-free American Blond.

    Rs. 900.00