• Coconut Coal 250Gm

    Coconut Coal 250Gm

    Coconut coalCoconut shell charcoal by Cocayaya is the most favourable for any Hookah. This packet has 18 cubes (250gms). It is easy to burn and less ashy coal.

    Rs. 230.00
  • Kaloud Lotus For Hookah Chillum (No Foil Chillum)

    Kaloud Lotus For Hookah Chillum (No Foil Chillum)

    Kaloud Lotus For Hookah ChillumKaloud Lotus is a heat-regulating device used for regulating coal heat to Hookah. This device will make your Hookah go longer, smoother and lesser ash. It’s suitable for every Hookah. No need of foil chillum now.Please refer the instructions sheet for effective use

    Rs. 480.00


    Khalil mamoon smallHave you seen hookah in its most primal form? Here we present to you the Arab experience right here – Khalil Mamoon in a compact version which makes it suitable for Shisha enthusiasts as well as interior decoration. It has a beautifully designed stainless steel stem with matching plate tagged along with a sober clear base. It also consists of a black pipe, a classic chillum, tongs and grommets. Try this and get the real hookah experience.  

    Rs. 4,500.00 Sold Out
  • Magic Coal

    Magic Coal

    Rs. 100.00
  • Magic Vip Coal

    Magic Vip Coal

    Magic VIP coalMagic coal needs no description, it is the most convenient and quick burn. It has 10 pcs in one pack. Do ensure that you let the coal burn and turn to orange on the sides before you place it on top of your chillum to enjoy a nice Hookah.  

    Rs. 150.00
  • Nanosmoke Flat Hookah

    Nanosmoke Flat Hookah

    Nanosmoke flat hookah  Do you also like doing shisha in car?Nanosmoke Flat Hookah is the choice for you. It is stylish and tasteful with the box made in acrylic, a silicon chillum/bowl and pipe, lotus kaloud, and LED light for the box. It is a perfect fit for the people who love shisha in the car or while travelling. It stays stable on the car mat and makes excellent smoke

    Rs. 3,300.00 Sold Out
  • Silicon Chillum

    Silicon Chillum

    Silicon chillum cocoyayaDo you keep on breaking you chillums all the time? Don’t worry we have Cocoyaya’s Silicon Chillum as your saviour. It’s super easy to clean and have a lasting effect on the flavour too. It will smoothen the experience for Hookah Lovers.

    Rs. 380.00