• Raw Black King Size

    Raw Black King Size

    RAW Black King Size This Black rolling paper by the RAW company is extra-fine. It is made from natural tree gum sap with unbleached fibres of high-grade smoking material. This artisanal paper is produced in Spain where humidity is incredibly low. Experience the natural way to roll. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 250.00
  • Raw Blond 25Gm

    Raw Blond 25Gm

    Raw blond tobacco It’s a tobacco from the Mac Baren Tobacco Company. As the name suggests try it for a RAW feel while rolling your own tobacco with this naturally sweet and additive-free American Blond.

    Rs. 900.00
  • Raw Classic 25Gm

    Raw Classic 25Gm

    Raw classic hand rolling tobacco-25gmHold your breath to taste USA and Brazil all at once with this naturally sweetened R & W Virginian blend from the factories of Mac Baren Tobacco Company.

    Rs. 850.00
  • RAW CLASSIC King Size Slim

    RAW CLASSIC King Size Slim

    RAW Classic King Size Slim  The Classic series uses naturally unrefined paper. The king size slim is preferred to roll a longer smoke. It is free of any chalk, dyes and artificial substances. The paper is made completely from plants. The aim of the RAW is to stay true to its natural roots. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 150.00
  • Raw Classic Roll 5metre

    Raw Classic Roll 5metre

    RAW Classic Roll Unbleached 5 meter The RAW Freedom series! Now choose the size of your rolling paper. The Single Wide Unbleached paper is 16 feet long. The rapper 2chainz is dedicated to it and calls it the “RAW California rolls”

    Rs. 250.00
  • RAW Connoisseur Organic Hemp

    RAW Connoisseur Organic Hemp

      RAW Connoisseur Organic Hemp The Connoisseur line by the RAW brand is a premium elastic banded packing which includes tips as well. Preferred for its convenience, the rolling sheets are made from the same natural hemp which is organically grown and is free of all chemicals. It is the ultimate kit for the smoking savant. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 220.00
  • Raw Filter Tips

    Raw Filter Tips

    RAW Filter tips RAW filters tips have a natural brown colour. The original tips are made from unrefined long fibers using a Fourdrinier paper machine. RAW tips are known for their strength as the paper is cut along the grain. Units: 50 tips

    Rs. 40.00
  • Raw Organic Hemp King Size

    Raw Organic Hemp King Size

    RAW Organic Hemp King Size Organic Hemp rolling paper is crafted from a special pure water method that leads to a super thin, light tan paper. The material used is unrefined, organic hemp no artificial additives such as dyes or chalk. Hemp paper burns extra slow and is quite clean. Units: 32 leaves

    Rs. 220.00
  • Raw Organic Rolling 30Gms

    Raw Organic Rolling 30Gms

    Mac Baren Raw Certified Organic 30g. Natural Authentic T.Truly additive-free. Raw Certified Organic is a smooth American style blend made of naturally high sugar Virginia from the USA, rich Burley leaves from Brazil and an added touch of Sun-Cured Orient from Greece. The leaves are hand-selected for the best --- qualities and the stems are carefully removed by hand.  Made by Mac Baren Company in Svendborg, Denmark. The Natural Way To Roll. Made by Mac Baren Denmark for RAW. Buy this limited edition now

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